dear facebook: don’t be hatin.

I usually don’t let ignorance on Facebook get to me. (I mean, kind of like getting mad at snow in winter, no?)
But this page, found on a high school classmate’s site, makes me a little angrier than the average dumbassery:

Hope beats Hate

God bless us, everyone?

It’s called:


And it has over 1,000,000 fans.

Dislike Obama? Okay. Disagree with me? Fine.
But death threats against the president aren’t funny. They’re inappropriate actually. Scary actually.
I reported the page for containing hate speech, but I really wish there was more I could do. (I mean, kind of like punch 1,000,000 strangers in the face, no?)

The same people who ask God to bless America also publish this kind of thing.
I wonder which side these people think their God is truly on…hope or hate?



5 thoughts on “dear facebook: don’t be hatin.

  1. Calling a prayer in jest a death threat is a bit much, especially when the exact same line has been used many times recently about politicians- both American ones and the liberal ones like Obama.

    But the gods have blessed every American. They’ve blessed us with the capacity to remove our enemies by either force of ballot or, if needs be, by force of arms. Obama will fall to one of these of blessings, though I’d prefer the former since the latter would cause unpalatable levels of disruptions in the country.

  2. Did we graduate with Rush Limbaugh? Or was that Glen Beck? Ignorance is even more prevalent in a small midwestern, uneducated town. Sarah, you might not know this but (Obama is also Black) ohmygawd! Doesn’t everyone know that the leader of the free world should be a white male?!

  3. Jonolan, I must first say when I finished reading your post, I sighed. It was one of those heavy, exasperated sighs you make when you deal with people who are willfully close-minded.

    There are some things that just aren’t funny. Wishing death upon anyone (including our president) in prayer is one of those things. Do you really think God is okay with you wishing death on a fellow human being?

    Nice of you to make a distinction between “American [politicians] and the liberal ones like Obama.” You’re clearly implying that those holding liberal viewpoints aren’t American. It’s these kinds of us-versus-them distinctions that have our country’s citizens at each others’ throats. We could actually work on the problems our country is experiencing together if individuals (both conservative and liberal) would stop this pointless and destructive American/Unamerican rhetoric. And despite what you think, being a liberal (or conservative) isn’t a problem in or of itself.

    You know, like a lot of people I wasn’t exactly a fan of George W. Bush. I don’t really remember many of us–or any of us–talking about removing him from office by force of arms; however, I HAVE heard this type of thing mentioned a lot by conservatives since Obama has been in office. I wonder why you (and they) feel this is an option that should be laid on the table.

    Generally, people only begin talking about violence when they’re scared. So I ask you this: What are you afraid of? Are you afraid that improvements in health care will move our country toward socialism? Because a lot of people idiotically and simultaneously scream that universal health care is socialism while demanding that their Medicare isn’t taken away.

    Are you afraid that individuals who are currently denied rights might be given them? Can you imagine not being able to visit your loved one in the hospital if they were sick or dying, adopting a child in need of a loving parent, or protecting the country you love? Millions of American homosexuals don’t have these rights you take for granted.

    Are you afraid because he isn’t white? Afraid he is going to strip away the white privilege you enjoy so much and would fight, claw and scratch others to keep? I’ve heard a lot of rhetoric that includes phrases like “We’re losing our country” and “We have to take our country back.” What are you losing, and who is it that is taking whatever it is you want back? Are you afraid of being the minority for once? Are you afraid that if others start asking for a little more fairness that you’re going to have to give up some of what you have?

    What is it you’re afraid of exactly?

  4. I’m a little unclear on the whole hate in humor thing.

    Are jokes featuring an afterlife hateful, since they posit a priori someone died?

    How about quips like “I didn’t attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of it.” by that known hater Mark Twain? Not to mention some of the humor in the current film Macgruber which features desecration of corpses.

    Frankly, I think it’s a waste of effort to get into high dudgeon about someone’s poor taste or someone else’s sense of humor. If you don’t think it’s funny, don’t laugh and don’t pay attention. I’m more afraid of right thinkers who would step up to define acceptable humor than people who make jokes.

  5. i have a longer post in the works about humor, satire, politics and “hate speech” — from jonathan swift to the “r-word” movement.
    i get what you’re saying, Brian J. being a student of comedy and performer, i take funny things seriously. good comedy should provoke and sometimes offend.
    but to me, this obama page is about so much more than a clever quip. my qualms are with the attitude behind the words. the very real, very serious hatred in some of the other posts, photos on the page.
    ps–I loved Macgruber.

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