One or two moments

I love this sign to pieces. for a few reasons:
–it reminds me of playing frisbee in the rain with kids at the orphanage where i took this picture.
–i love international signs in general–the more broken the translation, the better.
–its simple message sums up my life philosophy. READING — ENTERTAINMENT.

reading sign in vietnam

school sign in vietnam, sept 08

I happened upon the photo this week, trying to gather tips for a friend who’s about to leave for Vietnam. It’s funny how thinking about a place you’ve been can make you start to miss it so badly.
I want vietnamese iced coffee and pho ga and summer heat and moped traffic, right NOW.

Speaking of READING — ENTERTAINMENT, check out this rock-awesome quote I found on twitter today:

@parisreview It all begins with fucking around and intuition and without any idea of what you’re doing, I think. – Allen Ginsberg

Pardon his french, but Ginsberg’s got it right. @Parisreview frequently tweets inspiring quotelets from old school, pen-and-paper writing folks. I followed the link and found this excerpt from a longer interview. ugh. so good.

Do you feel you’re in command when you’re writing?

Sometimes I feel in command when I’m writing. When I’m in the heat of some truthful tears, yes. Then, complete command. Other times—most of the time not. Just diddling away, woodcarving, getting a pretty shape; like most of my poetry. There’s only a few times when I reach a state of complete command. Probably a piece of Howl, a piece of Kaddish, and a piece of The Change. And one or two moments of other poems.

By command do you mean a sense of the whole poem as it’s going, rather than parts?

No—a sense of being self-prophetic master of the universe.

Doodling and whittling and voodoo it is, most of the time.
But sometimes something happens and it all comes out just right.
“In the heat of truthful tears” is sometimes the best place to be. If you haven’t spent much time there, you just haven’t lived.

So thanks, twitter. If this side of social media can overcome Kardashian-ian surface-level stuff, we may find that print isn’t dead after all. It’s just coming more alive.


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  1. Ryan and I went to Bambu last weekend. I had Vietnamese iced coffee. Thought of you, as I do every time I go there.

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