{an analogy as shaky as my running legs}

Tonight was my first weather-is-nice run since I don’t know when.

To say that I fell off the wagon after the marathon would be slightly less than accurate.

(If my running habits were portrayed in a western-style television miniseries, I’d have fallen off the wagon early in episode 1, in a tragic river-fording incident of some sort. The remaining party would mourn, and perhaps hang a solitary tin-type photo of me in their new Montana cabin, but I would be ultimately forgotten by all for weeks at a time, only to show up in the finale as the gun-toting stranger who saves the day.
That’s how much I’ve fallen off the wagon. Way much.)

Nifty thing about running though, it just comes back. Even in 25 minutes, I can feel myself feeling better.
And I know I’ll continue to feel better.
And while running’s the one time I get to care absolutely nothing about how I look, I know in a while I’ll look better as a result. And my clothes will fit better. (Let’s not talk to my dress pants about the PTSD they’ve been through this winter…you know, pudgy-tummy-stress-disorder.)

The best part is the feel-better starts right away. It makes no physical sense, but I actually feel taller. I breathe a little deeper. My eyes are a little wider.

As of tomorrow I’ve been eating vegetarian for two weeks. (Thanks, J.S.F! I finished Eating Animals and started a new life path. So far so good.) Only setback so far has been the realization that I can’t eat non-breakfast at Steak & Shake without making a meal out of side dishes…
I’m hopeful that between my new eating and renewed running habits, I’ll have enough energy to survive the semester. Stay tuned!

PS–if you haven’t watched the trailer for Eat Pray Love yet, do it right this instant. I’m developing a meaningful long-term relationship with this trailer, it’s so good.


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