Art is Work.

Eating a lunchtime $5 footlong (yes, veggie) in honor of Jared Fogle being IN SPRINGFIELD TODAY! ($19.95 for a ticket to his Slim Down Challenge? no thanks. $5 for a commemorative sandwich? that i can handle.)

Flipping through a design book my boss left in the studio to inspire us, Milton Glaser’s Art is Work.

Art is Work

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Milton Glaser, whom I quoted on facebook a while back: “the purpose of art is to inform and delight”, prolific designer of typography, ad campaigns, graphic design, spaces, talks about the magic of creating the “I ♥ New York” campaign.

He had presented his design concept, thought he was finished with the project and was “doodling in a cab when another idea suggested itself.” (Don’t you like that? The idea suggested itself. He didn’t “have” the idea. The idea had him.)

“This little item that almost didn’t come into being has become my most familiar work. It has been called, with some hyperbole, the most frequently replicated piece of printed ephemera of the century. It is true that it has become so much a part of the general language that it’s hard to imagine that it was actually designed by someone and did not always exist.
Why and how this ever came about is a mystery to me.”

Cool to imagine that our biggest successes may also be our biggest surprises. Lesson: always go with the urge to doodle in cars. The muses don’t wait for desks.


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  1. i just wrote about him recently myself, a few weeks ago when he won the national medal of arts. he is one wise, pithy guy! my fav: “less isn’t more. just enough is more.”

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