you are what you eat.

hi there, readers! it’s the middle of march and i’ve left you all alone. shame on me.
with this post i’m trying to get back to what i thought this blog would be in the first place: just a commonplace book of my daily reading.

Here’s one book I’m into right now:

Eating Animals

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I’m about 100 pages in, and I’m hooked. (Really. It’s one of those books I can’t wait to come home to.) Kind of amazed to say, I really think Jonathan Safran Foer may change my life. It doesn’t hurt that my boyfriend recently declared his choice of vegetarianism (two weeks in and he hasn’t budged). Add that to rewatching Food, Inc, and the world may just have another meatless-eating disciple.

I’ve dabbled in vegetarian eating in the past. One MSA June (in fact, i blogged about it on sjworksitout in June 08) I went vegetarian and was surprised to find I felt better. (I remember one MSA teacher telling me she’d been vegetarian for a while, and that she felt better, and even attracted better men. ha. if THAT ain’t motivation for a life change…)
The main reason I stopped was that it was difficult to keep up post dining-hall-veg-choices-at-finger-tips-daily back in the real world.

Two years later, I’m wondering if the difficulty of eating vegetarian is a valid excuse.

If you find yourself on the fence like I am, I recommend you pick up this book. JSF is a brilliant young writer (the jerk. hate him.) and he creates the kind of nonfiction here that i dream of writing myself.
He’s taking us on a personal journey, bringing in his personal history, and also learning things and teaching us as readers along the way.
It’s captivating, interesting, honest, and provocative.

Plus there’s something about that bright green cover. It just begs to be picked up and read.

AND he was on ellen in november. check it out:


3 thoughts on “you are what you eat.

  1. After watching Food, Inc., i went from a meat eater to vegan in about 3 months. i could never go back. it’s not hard at all, unless you want it to be. just a little tweaking of the perpective can fix that. haven’t read this book (yet) but i’ve been eyeballing it.

  2. I’ve been vegetarian for four months, and I love it. To make a lot of cooking easier, utilise chickpeas, lentils, and red kidney beans into dishes that call for diced chicken or ground beef. It won’t taste exactly the same, but close. Not to mention that the texture won’t be lacking as much as leaving the meat out in general. Best of luck!

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