you know you want to read the rest…

This little gem speaks for itself. let it roll around in your brain. so good.
Phantom Tollbooth was our book club pick last month. I don’t know how I got through elementary school without discovering it. Delightful little read. Add it to your list. Here’s a preview:

Outside the window, there was so much to see, and hear, and touch—walks to take, hills to climb, caterpillars to watch as they strolled through the garden. There were voices to hear and conversations to listen to in wonder, and the special smell of each day.

And in the very room in which he sat, there were books that could take you anywhere, and things to invent, and make, and build, and break, and all the puzzle and excitement of everything he didn’t know—music to play, songs to sing, words to imagine and then someday make real. His thoughts darted eagerly about as everything looked new—and worth trying.

from The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster