The Room

in 2009 i saw some great movies:
(such a great year for animation alone! Coraline, UP, Cloudy…Meatballs, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Princess & the Frog)
i also saw some bad movies:
(Watchmen, The Proposal, Taking of Pelham 123)

but rare is the day a movie comes along that’s so bad it’s good. ladies and gentlemen, i give you THE ROOM.

The Room poster

"Are you ready to see reflection of your life?"

The moxie had been showing this cult “hit” (cult bomb?) since the summer, but last Saturday at 10:00 (their last showing) was the first time I had the chance to partake. If you haven’t heard about The Room, just google and you’ll find a whole little community celebrating its badness, and it’s been around for years.

There’s a kind of Rocky-Horror-ness to this; the experience of watching the movie is more important than the movie itself. Please don’t get the DVD and watch it by yourself. Please DO get the DVD and watch it with some friends (or find a way to go to a screening). The fun of this movie is the making fun of this movie.

I haven’t had this much fun in a theater in a while. It’s liberating to laugh with abandon and point out inconsistencies, to recognize all those things that might just make you uncomfortable in any other poorly-made film—and enjoy them instead.

There’s some speculation online over whether or not this is a satire, intentionally bad, etc. (If it is, then we have the most talented actors on the planet here, able to pull off bad acting so sincerely…) You have to wonder what it’s like for Tommy Wiseau to know this movie he made is famous for its badness. Worshipped for its badness.
Is it better to have become a star for The Room than never to have become a star at all?

The poster alone shows you’ve got something special here…folks, you have no idea.


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  1. hey yo… I’m open to discourse :) we all have different notions of “bad” movies…i’ll concede. just know that The Room is a whole different category of “bad”, and one you would both enjoy.

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