stress not, lest ye be stressed.

somewhere in my tweeting/stumbling-upon a while back, i came across an interview from Stanford’s staff wellness program BeWell@Stanford. It’s a comprehensive wellness site for the campus community. Pretty cool, huh? Appropriate to post while I’m at a conference for higher ed professionals. (at which I am a “young professional”… i need training wheels. i’m in diapers.) Got that conference-high feeling, where you get all jazzed with new ideas, jargon, contacts, energy. (and there’s still a day to go!)

This story was about stress relief…for the post-conference return to orbit… Enjoy a snippet:

BW: What practical advice can you offer those of us who feel stressed on a regular basis?

CA: There are no simple answers to feeling stressed! Yes, we can learn to slow down, meditate, eat well, exercise and get more sleep. But, we need systemic change. Working to create a culture in which we care about the common good is the best stress reducer there is. We need more laughter and conversation—more picnics, dances, parties and gatherings in the park. We need to walk in our neighborhoods and stop and chat; we need more potlucks and book clubs and gardening clubs. At the heart of all change must be the experience of the joyful community.

Don’t you love this? Joyful community. Isn’t this a religion worth spreading?