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(Someone please make a youtube video of all these blue characters dancing about to “I’m Blue”. [remember that late 90s europop gem? of course you do.] go ahead. mash it up. I’ll wait.)

Ah winter break… luxurious flashback to my student days, thanks to Drury’s experimental shutdown between Christmas and New Year’s. A full week-and-a-half! (and, yes, it’s luxurious. I’ve entered the days when sleeping in is a luxury.)

As Garfield’s Christmas Special reminds us all: “Christmas…it’s not the giving. It’s not the getting. It’s the loving.”
And I love it all. the food, the family time, the gifts, the nostalgia. the Chevy Chase. the Bing Crosby. the Red Rider air rifle with a compass in the stock and this thing that tells time. the ol’ building and loan.

Yes, holiday time is movie time. This break I filled up my dance card with both big screen and dvd. Including:
The Road
Disney’s Princess and the Frog
Lord of The Rings trilogy (in one day! yes. I did that.)
Up in the Air
Taking of Pelham 123 (do yourself a favor: don’t.)


from melting pot of movie reviews

Why not go ahead and put in my two cents where a few million opinions (and dollars) have gone before.

Everybody’s talking about Avatar. There’s Oscar buzz. And budget gossip. Twitter chatter about the Papyrus subtitles.
I heard an NPR commentary about how the story’s too simple (check out the hilarious overlap w/ Pocahontas, thanks to @ebertchicago).
I’ll respond too simply: whatever.
AVATAR is an instance when I’d much rather enjoy and marvel than criticize. Blogs can be too full of snark. Can’t we just celebrate something huge and unreal? Do we always have to pick it apart? Find something wrong? Can’t we just say “wow!”?

Walking out into the cloudy, gray winter afternoon, surrounded by midwestern white (as in, not blue) folks, was a little jarring.
James Cameron takes us to a new world. Takes us INTO a new world. It really is unlike anything I’ve seen in a movie before.

I was blown away, not by the story itself, but when thinking about his process of storytelling. Think about it: ten years ago the technology necessary to produce this film didn’t exist. The final, visually stunning product is nothing Cameron could’ve imagined when he first had the idea to make this movie. Isn’t that fascinating? And so like creating something in any medium?

This creative-process business, in combo w/the Pandorans’ perfect little blue bodies, got me thinking (yes, thinking during the movie. i’m a nerd.) how working out is kind of like reading a book. It’s gradual. moving toward a goal. building the whole. And that’s why i love reading: it’s about the process AND the product. It’s not just about the story, otherwise a movie would be enough. It’s not just about the author’s style. It’s also about the reader, and the process of reading, building day after day until the product is complete.
It’s a little like making something. It’s a little like getting in shape.

And even when you think about the story–simple or not–there’s a lot to digest.
The power of myth. Where our religions come from.
The “cycle of energy” treasured on Pandora. Our connection to everything. Where our food comes from.
I could write more pages on this stuff. but i’ll spare you.
Just go see it.


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  1. agreed.

    Plus, it only cost $2.75 and you saw it with someone way cool!

    Oh and don’t forget the pricey popcorn! Nine dolla make you holla!

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