man oh man

do you ever have days where you just get hella overwhelmed by life? I’m not even talking in a stressed-out, poor-me way, which we all feel sometimes, but instead in the OH MAN SO MUCH GOOD TO DO AND SEE way.

not only do i have multiple piles growing on my desk (and in my mind) at work, but here’s twitter telling me about so much stuff i’m way way way interested in, and who has the time or mental capacity to hold it all inside at once?

just this morning:
@rainnwilson told me there’s a new literal music video version of Beck’s Loser. giggles.
@frankchimero led me to designer’s xmas lists on, and tons of lust-worthy items
and also to @bobulate, who introduced me to Professional Writing (writing + design) at Carnegie Mellon…yet another “i’d like to do that!”
@davidwainn showed me Jew They Know It’s Christmas After All (who loves a good song parody? this guy.)
@NickKrostof gave some new insight into causes i care about, because he does that EVERY day

It’s exhausting! and SO good!
Reminds me of my coworker yesterday, in response to our overindulgence of the office holiday gift basket, saying, “i think i had too much sugar. I feel lethargic and excited at the same time.”

Twitter is sugar for my brain. It gets me all revved up and excited (about things i’m already excited about) and then leaves me panting and fidgety for action.

And it’s not just non-work thoughts that get me going (though one could argue broadening ones mind is hidden in the job description of anyone working in higher ed). I’m on a listserv of university communicators from all over the nation, and the last few days my inbox has been flooded with chatter about the future of print. Soak up this gem from Brian Doyle of University of Portland (another “I want to go to there” place).

This is a riveting thread. Seems to me that as our world grows ever more electric and digitized, we will yearn ever more deeply for the tactile: ink, paper, cloth, skin, dirt. I think we will crave things we can touch and smell, things that are unplastic, unmetal, uncold. I suspect that magazines and books, and even such arty ephemera as chapbooks and broadsides and tapestries and stuff, will be the things we hunger for. In our field, this is good news, because all the new media will give us new toys to speak with, while the toys of the last several centuries grow more valuable; as a species, this is good news, because we are after all mammals with good shoes, headed toward some vague and interesting evolutionary goal, which may be defeating violence, or the renaissance of ska.

Brian Doyle, Portland

(I know, right!)


One thought on “man oh man

  1. Oh my gosh, the Loser video is quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve seen in quite awhile. At first I thought it was going to be a homemade video based off the original lyrics, but I actually think this way is even more creative, plus the new lyrics sound like something Beck would write anyway.

    Your new blog has made me become a “tab-hoarder”, as you once referred to yourself. So excited to keep reading!

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