snow day

Can’t believe there’s SNOW outside. The student workers and I are huddled around the window like kids on a snow day.
OH! Snow day. Was there anything better than that when you were a kid?

Watching your school name scroll across the screen during the early morning local news.
The delicious permissioned (not a word. should be.) rebellion of going back to bed on a weekday.
Watching the Price is Right with abandon.
Making snow people with your siblings.

Remember that feeling? Few things in adult life mirror Snow Day feeling. Maybe narrowly missing a fender bender in traffic. Or getting an extension on a big paper. But nothing’s quite the same as feeling the mix of relief and sense of impending adventure. Ah childhood!

It’s why we watch Where The Wild Things Are. It’s why we pause just a second (not long enough to be creepy) at at playground on a busy day. To be reminded how all that feels. Remember?