my mom gets this magazine from time to time called
Where Women Create: inspiring work spaces of extraordinary women

I was flipping through it today and was overwhelmed by the deliciousness of the photos.
the organized chaos of creative space
rainbow collections of colored pencils
wall shelves full of yarn and thread
bulletin boards jam-packed with inspiration
books and photos and quotes and art

It’s the kind of space I like to work in: full of inspiration, plenty of supplies, room to doodle and think.

We recently did an extreme makeover of the design studio where i work at Drury. We already have a unique office space. We’re in the basement of a classroom building, and are the only office with loft-like beamed ceilings, stone walls, lots of windows and gallery lighting.

We’ve transformed the space in the last month with furniture from IKEA and Eames knockoff chairs from FUNtiques (the cutest local store at National and Commercial. Go there. Now.).

Just being in this new space (absorbing all the “ooohs” and “aaaahs” from visitors) makes me think of the word DWELL. I don’t think it’s a mistake the ol King James version of the Shepherd Psalm says, “and I will dwell in the house of the lord forever.” There’s a spiritual feeling to the word. Like the space is not just a place you go physically, but the space has something to do with the rest of you as well.

(I know my architecture-major friends could probably articulate this better than I can, the meaning of SPACE.)

I just know who you are has a lot to do with where you are.
Oprah always said your home is an extension of your self (usually on one of those “help! we have too much stuff!” episodes).
Maybe creative space leads to creative thought.

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