Watching: 2014

In which I chronicle all the movie-films I ingest in theaters in the year of our lord two-thousand-fourteen. May or may not write about them in detail. (Can you handle the suspense??)

23) Obvious Child

22) Million Dollar Arm

21) They Came Together

20) Life Itself

19) 22 Jump Street

18) Chef

17) Jodorowsky’s Dune

16) Only Lovers Left Alive

15) Neighbors

14) Le Week-End

13) The Lego Movie

12) True Grit (1969)

11) The Grand Budapest Hotel

10) Philomena

9) Muppets Most Wanted

8) Oscar-nominated Animated Shorts

7) Monuments Men

6) Her (yes, twice.)

5) Captain Phillips

4) Inside Llewyn Davis

3) Her

2) Wolf of Wall Street

1) Saving Mr. Banks

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